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2016 Hobie Outback Limited Edition

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2016 Hobie Outback Limited Edition

When Hobie announced that they would be making a Limited Edition Outback for 2016 I had to jump at the chance to get one. I've always like the orange color and with all the extras that came with it, it was a no brainer.

Mid December I picked up the most badass Outback I've seen. I knew right away that I needed to rig it up to make it my own. The first thing I wanted to add was the 9” Hobie H­-Rails (part# 84626001) on both sides just in front of the front molded in rod holders.The right side is where I wanted to mount my fish finder and the left would be for my Bluetooth speaker for some tunes on the water.The reason I chose the H­-Rails instead of the gear tracs is the H-­Rails are just more useful to me. There is a ton of accessories that can be mounted on the H­-Rails and they also are great as another grab point while moving the kayak around. Plus they just look awesome on the LE! I mounted my Lowrance Elite­ 4 CHIRP to the H­-Rail with the 1” ball H­-Rail Ram mount (part# 84620101), Ram double 1” ball socket assembly (part# 72023019) and the Ram fishfinder mount (part# 72023024).For the Bluetooth speaker I went with the Redfox Rover.


It's waterproof, has up to 14hrs of play time and sounds awesome! I used the 1” ball H-­Rail Ram mount, Ram double 1” ball socket assembly and Ram small round base 1⁄4­20 1” ball (part# 72023033) to mount it to the H­-Rail. I added two Scotty flush deck mounting brackets #244 in the back to the kayak, just behind the rear molded in rod holders.

I use these for my GoPro mount and my Yak Attack Visicarbon Pro. One the things I changed on the kayak was the side that the cleat for the bungee tie down forthe rudder is on. The last two seasons I noticed that with the sailing rudder installed the rudder would hang up on the cleat when deploying the rudder. Switching the side that the cleat is on eliminated the problem all together. 

Rigging a kayak is fun and customizing it to suit your fishing needs makes the kayak that much more useful. Check out  or swing by the shop and check out all different options that are available for rigging up your kayak.