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Astral Ronny PFD

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Astral Ronny PFD

The Astral Ronny Fisher PFD is a Kayak Fishermen's Dream PFD. The is one of the most universal PFDs on the market, allow its use in any kayak with any type of seat. This PFD retails at 159.95 and perfect priced for the amount of options on the PFD.

PFDs are so important to wear on the water, because we all know anything can happen to anyone at any time. Having the right gear is the difference in saving your life! Astral really takes this into account when designing their PFDs. Astral designs PFDs for all sorts of water activity's.

Some of its best features are the pockets up front, with plenty of clips and loops to attach other accessories as well.

The front pockets really set this PFD apart from the rest, giving you space to re tie lures, hold drinks, hold your camera or cell phone, even a place to keep your fishing license.

You will even notice the small loops in the picture above, the whistle is clipped to. This is great for things such as a Whistle, or line cutters, attaching tethers for your cell phone, or even Gopro Or Trolling motor Remotes.

What really set this PFD apart from the rest was its flat back design. This is a very buoyant back rest, but its completely flat allowing the use in any boat, or kayak seat design.

Some of the new kayaks are coming with taller back rests and having this flat back allows you to lean back in your chair and not feel any discomfort while fishing or paddling around.

This PFD also come equipped with what looks like a neck roll, but its actually a Rain proof hood. This is rolled up inside that roll, contained by a zipper for easy access during storms. The best part about it this is the color, which is a Neon Green/Yellow To Enhance visability on the water for boaters or any other safety reason.

The Astral Ronny Fisher is in stock at Delaware Paddlesports, where they offer the colors Charcoal (Grey), Green, and the newest color in the lineup is Camo for those who like to remain Stealthy. You can pick yours up from DPS here Also stop in and check out their other great array of kayak and kayak fishing needs!

All 3 color designs come with the same options.