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Used Kayaks and Paddleboards

Have questions? Text or Call 302-249-1695 during daytime hours.

Have a used kayak you want to sell? We have a great consignment program. If you use the sale towards store credit you get 95% of the sale. If you want the money you receive 70%. This is a great way to upgrade your kayak!

Used Paddleboards for Sale 

Used Hobie Dura Sups for $500

 Used Kayaks for Sale (the kayaks do not include paddles)

Used Jackson Kayaks for Sale

Kilroy $1146
Cuda LT $1529
Big Rig $1400
SuperFishal $849
Coosa HD $1444
Journey13.5 $1019
Journey 14 $1019
Cruise 12 angler $891
Cruise 10 angler $806
Karma RG $1104
Tupelo 12.5 $764
Ibis $679
Mini tripper $400

Used 2014 Hobie i9s inflatable mirage drive kayak for sale! Includes mirage drive, paddle, pump, seat and bag. $1100


 Used Epic Kayaks 18x with hatch cover. Kayak in great shape! $1350 OBO


 2011 Ocean Kayak Trident 11 with rudder in great shape! Great starter fishing kayak! Comes with two flush rod holders behind the seat. 


 Perception Carolina 14 in great shape. Comes with rudder and Immersion Research cockpit cover. $700


 16.5' Current Designs Sirocco with Skeg in great shape. $600


 Jackson Kayak Riviera Sit on top and Regal Sit in. Great comfortable recreational kayaks. $400 (Kayaks do not come with paddles.)



Barely used 2015 Sundolphin Kayak $200