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Used Kayaks and Paddleboards

Have questions? Text or Call 302-249-1695 during daytime hours.

Have a used kayak you want to sell? We have a great consignment program. If you use the sale towards store credit you get 95% of the sale. If you want the money you receive 70%. This is a great way to upgrade your kayak!

 Used Paddleboards for Sale: (The boards do not include a paddle.)

 Hobie 11-5" DuraSups. These are durable boards we used for our rentals. Deal at $550! Note: we are sold out of the Riviera Soft Tops.



 Used 12-6" long 30" wide Yoloboard Soft Top Race Board. This board is a great beginner board for sup racers. This board is in good shape. $600! Feel Free to come demo! 


 Used Kayaks for Sale (the kayaks do not include paddles)

Slightly used Ocean Kayak Scrambler 11's. These kayaks were our rentals for a half a season and they are in great shape. This posting includes the seats but not the paddles. We sell are used paddles for $45. Available in Lime/White, Yellow, or Yellow/Red


 Cobra Tandems and Ocean Kayak Malibu Twos for sale with seats at $550 each. These were are rentals for half a season so they are in great shape. 


 Jackson Cuda 14 as loaded with features as can be and ready to fish!

 - Power Pole Micro Anchor with 8.5' spike, battery, battery bag and remote control

 - Stand assist bar

 - SeaDek Marine Nonskid Deck pad in grey

Lowered to $1800! $1200 if you do not want the Power Pole.





 2014 Jackson Big Rig Demo in great shape! Lowered to $1100!




2014 Ocean Kayak Big Game Prowler 2 Demo. Very Minor scratches. Lowered to $900!



Slightly used Native Redfish 12 Lowered to $650!



Never Used Mariner Propel 12.5 demo. Kayak is obviously in great shape.  (Kayak is $2099 brand new) Will ship for $69 east of Mississippi!

This has a brand new Propel Drive that has never been used. It is also the new style Propel Drive with the short black arms!

Lowered to $1600!




  2011 Used Once Jackson Rogue 9. Perfect for Class 1-3 and whitewater/Flatwater expeditions! $575 (new $999)

This is a steal at this price!



Used WhiteWater Kayaks for sale:

See Jackson Rogue above.