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Used Kayaks and Paddleboards

Have questions? Text or Call 302-249-1695 during daytime hours.

Have a used kayak you want to sell? We have a great consignment program. If you use the sale towards store credit you get 95% of the sale. If you want the money you receive 70%. This is a great way to upgrade your kayak!

Our 2015 Ocean Kayak rentals are now for sale

Scrambler 11 with seat - $480

Malibu two Tandem with seats - $ 580

Used paddle - $50

Used Lifejacket - $55

Hobie 2015 Demos for sale (Call or Text 302-249-1695)

- Half down required to reserve, pickup SEPT 1st 2015

- 2015 Hobie Demos have the full Hobie Kayak Warranty 

Oasis Dune $2,931

 Outfitter Red $2846

 Pro Angler Olive $2719

 Revo 13 Blue $1954

 Outback Dune $1954

  2015 Jackson Kayaks Demos for Sale

Kilroy $1146
Cuda LT $1529
SuperFishal $849
Journey13.5 $1019
Journey 14 $1019
Karma RG $1104
Tupelo 12.5 $764
Mini tripper $400

Other used kayaks

Wilderness Systems Ride 115 $850

Old Town Predator 13 with anchor trolley, Rudder and Fishfinder $1200

 Used Epic Kayaks 18x with hatch cover. Kayak in great shape! $1350 OBO


 Jackson Kayak Riviera Sit on top and Regal Sit in. Great comfortable recreational kayaks. $400 (Kayaks do not come with paddles.) We have 2 Rivieras left and 2 Regals as of 8/10


Native Ultimate 16 Tandem. Comes with nice seats and cart to transport it! $750


Used Paddleboards for Sale 

 Used Hobie Dura Sups for $550

We are also taking deposits on our 2015 Surtech Rental boards. We have 10-6" and 11-6" $750 (do not include paddles) Used paddles are $75