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DPS Kayak Fishing Rules


New Rules for 2020!

1. Entry fee will be $35 and $5 for Calcutta. The extra will cover tourney x 

2. We will be running tourney x next season

3. Blue Sky Boatworks will be allowed in tournaments

4. The mouth must be closed during hawg troughs measurements

5. If you are casting before starting time you will be disqualified 

6. AOY will be your best 4 finish and there is a $10 AOY Fee

Welcome to the Delaware Paddlesports Kayak Fishing Tournament Series brought to you by Delaware Paddlesports.  We welcome all that would like to participate and all entry fees will go back to the anglers that wins the events. We want to make sure that everyone has a great time fishing in both our saltwater and freshwater events and have put together some simple rules to make fair for all. Thank you for being apart of our series and good luck to all!

- Delaware Paddlesports Staff

Safety First: It is important to know that safety is above everything else. You are required to wear a (pfd) personal floatation device at all times fishing our series, audible device such as a whistle and a cell phone or smart phone to be able to contact in need of an emergency and a first aid kit. In an emergency situation it is the responsibility of all to help and assist. In a serious emergency the tournament director/manager may call off the tournament in this situation. By entering in the series it is your responsibility to be safe and you agree that Delaware Paddlesports, it’s sponsors,directors, managers, helpers will not be liable for any personal or life threatening injuries. It is your responsibility to be safe.

Tournament announcements and times: We will announce tournament dates and times on our Facebook page Delaware Paddlesports Kayak Fishing and also on our website https://www.delawarepaddlesports.com/delaware-paddlesports-fishing-tournaments/ Please let us know of your plans on attending the event prior so that we will have enough identifiers available for all anglers. All tournaments will end at 2:30PM or otherwise stated by the manager at the event. All anglers must be in at this time. If you are five minutes late we will deduct one fish from your total. Please be prompt. We will cease all activities and form a search party to go and look for you. If you plan to go out fishing after the event that is ok.  just please check-in at the 2:30 end time to let us know you are ok.

Laws for your state: You must have on your possession an up to date any and all fishing /tributary license required by your state, county and or parks to fish in events held by Delaware Paddlesports Kayak Fishing. You could be fined and or prosecuted for violations. Note: Some ramps and or parking areas requires a fee. Please be mindful of this. All Delaware Paddlesports directors/managers of tournaments will go over all rules before the start of the event.

Entry Fees: Entry fees will be $35 Big Bass. Calcutta will be $5. Youth entry fee is $10 and $5 for big bass.

Tournament Winnings: Up to 9 participants will be a first and second place. Payout is 70% for First Place  and Second Place 30% 10 and up will be a first, second and third place. Payout will be First Place 65%, Second Place 20% and Third Place 15% 

AOY/ANGLERS OF THE YEAR: The angler with the best 4 tournaments at the end of the year will be the Angler of the Year. The points will be on a curve scale this year. See Below

AOY : Minimum tourney participation to qualify (4) events. With a best of (6) events for points.


Measuring Fish and creel: Fish measurements will be done on a certified hawg trough, Ketech or Fish Stik. Please use a sharpie to mark all lines on the board for easy verification.  Delaware Paddlesports carries these measuring boards and will take $5.00 off of the price if fishing our events. The boards are $20.00 for fishing our series and $25.00 if not.  https://www.delawarepaddlesports.com/delaware-paddlesports-kayak-fishing-hawg-trough/ or call us at 302-645-7300 

Capture, Picture Release (CPR) - Five fish limit

When placing your fish on the Hawg Trough you must have the fish mouth closed to qualify it. The picture must clearly show the fish lip touching the backstop of the board. If you are using your thumb and pointer finger to hold the fish against the backstop and we cant visibly see the mouth touching, that fish will not qualify.

Pictures: The use of a digital still shot camera and smartphone (preferred) are to be used for these CPR Capture, Picture, Release events. The image must be able to be viewed close up and be scrolled to visually be able to qualify your fish.

Identifiers: Each angler at entry will receive a identifier code the morning of that must be in the picture to qualify the fish. If no identifier is located on the center of the fish or in the picture that fish will not qualify for points. You can also opt to have your identifier written on the to of your hand.

Measurements and Points structure: 

Measurements are measured via 1/4 or .25 increments. Example: John Doe catches a fish that is 12 ¾ inches. John’s total for that fish will be 12.75 points. John also catches a bass that is 12 ¼ in length. That fish will be 12.25 points. The combined total for these two fish would be 25 inches.


Attached are three images that show how the fish will be measured with the identifier in plain view. This is the exact way to show your days catch to qualify. Pictures kindly offered by Zach Moore, Aaron White and Greg Blanchard. Thanks guys

pic.jpg pic2.jpg bkere.jpg

Picture 1: Qualifies at 17.5 points. Mouth touching the backstop and identifier is in plain view however, remember to place identifier on the center of the fish if possible.

Picture 2: Qualifies at 15 points. Mouth open touching backstop with both lower and upper lip. Placement of the identifier is in perfect view.

Picture 3: Does not qualify. It would have been 18.5 points however, there is no visible identifier to reference that the fish was associated with the tournament.

Minimum length: For freshwater series all Largemouth Bass (Micropterus salmoides) will be a minimum of 12 inches in length to qualify with a five fish limit.

Taking Breaks and Distance from CompetitorsYou will be allowed if need be to go to shore to use the restroom and stretch out. You must contact the director or manager of the event prior. The coming together in kayaks is prohibited during an event. You must keep a distance of 20 feet from another competitor. If passing, it is ok to pass without disturbing or striking another competitors vessel. In the event of an emergency situation you may assist in helping during any emergency. Please notify your tournament director/manager/another competitor to assist in the emergency. Use your whistle and get help ASAP!

Tackle, Nets and Fish Grip:

Freshwater: Only artificial baits can be used. One lure per rod maximum three hooks on the lure.

Nets: The use of a hand held net is permitted.

The use of a seine nets or gill net is strictly prohibited and you will be disqualified.

Fish Grip: The use of a fish grip is permitted.

Vessel/Propulsion: A kayak, canoe and SUP is permitted. The use of a paddle and or foot propulsion is permitted. Blue Sky Boatworks are permitted. The use of trolling motors is not permitted.

Tie Breaker: In the case of a tie breaker the anglers second fish submission will determine outcome and so on.

Tie Breaker Calcutta: Winnings will be divided 50/50.

Protests: Protests need to be submitted immediately. The director/manager will here your protest and then will meet with the anglers to determine outcome of disqualification or non-disqualification.  Once a decision has been made by the director/manager of tournaments that decision is final.

Weather: In the case of bad weather forecasts and lightning threatening the event a bull horn will be used to call all participants in for safety reasons. If you cant make it to the area we launched from please seek shelter and notify us. In the event the weather during an event threatens to continue throughout the event a call may be made by the director/manager of the tournament that for safety reasons the event will be discontinued and any and all measurements will be taken at that time to verify winners of the event.

Event notifications and changes: The director/managers of tournaments can change tournament dates/times and rules at any time prior to an event if needed. These changes will be brought forth before the tournament begins that morning or the days leading to that event.

Media:  We will be filming and taking pictures at these events. Any and all media for these events can be used as advertising our series. We encourage all to participate in sharing video/photo of catches as this will help to build the series.

Thank you and see you on the water!

Delaware Paddlesports Kayak Fishing

Chris Erby

Business (302) 645-7300  (Cell) 302-500-0648 

email: Dpskbfs@gmail.com